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The development of hair lichen is influenced by various opportunistic and pathogenic viruses and bacteria, which, under certain conditions, actively multiply and cause unpleasant symptoms. Doctors have not yet been able to finally establish the main pathogens of some types of hair lichen. It is generally accepted that follicular keratosis, which is transmitted hereditarily according to the dominant type, can provoke pathology. To activate this gene, provoking factors are necessary.

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This type of disease is extremely rare, but is marked by particularly severe symptoms. If pathological signs are not eliminated in time, then an inflammatory process will soon occur, which will provoke complete hair loss and baldness. Return to the table of contents.

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In the process of development of viagra pills on the scalp in a person, the mouths of the sebaceous follicles of the scalp are damaged. With all types of lichen, a person has a feeling of itching and burning, the head constantly itches. There is a strong peeling with detachment of small scales. Often, a secondary bacterial infection is added to hair lichen, which leads to an extensive inflammatory process in the deep layers of the skin. Each type of disease is manifested by special symptoms, which are indicated in the table.

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Type Incubation period Symptoms Pityriasis versicolor 2-5 weeks Nodules on the scalp with a needle-like tip Small rash of viagra red color Active growth of nodules with itching and burning Formation and coalescence of papules Superficial ringworm Several days-4-6 weeks Round formations on the scalp head area Breaking off of long hair and short loss Inflammatory process due to the appearance of purulent vesicles and small papules Zhibera lichen 2-21 days Oval spots of saturated pink color on the head up to 5 cm in diameter Peeling of the epidermis Return to the table of contents.

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Lichen planus on the head of a child is observed more often than in adults. This is due to the fact that the protective functions of viagra online immune system are not yet able to fully resist harmful microorganisms. Also, the development of a hair disease is insufficient hygiene of the child. Parents may notice the following signs in their child.

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If the disease is noted in newborns or children under one year old, then parents may pay attention to the increased capriciousness of the baby. With the above symptomsvolumes, you need to show the child to the doctor and not self-medicate. It is possible to independently identify hair lichen, but at home it is difficult to buy sildenafil pills its type and degree. For this purpose, you should contact a dermatologist or trichologist who will examine the damaged hair area of the head and prescribe additional diagnostic procedures.

After all diagnostic procedures and an accurate diagnosis, the doctor prescribes individual therapy.

Treatment of ringworm or another type involves adjusting nutrition and lifestyle, taking antiviral and antifungal agents, and normalizing the immune system.

It is possible to cure lichen of the scalp with the following means.

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It is a mistake to believe that lichen appears only after contact with a sick animal or person. Hair lichen is most often transmitted genetically, and under the influence of certain external factors, it acquires a pronounced form. Follicular keratosis, also known as hair lichen, is a disease that affects the mouths of sebaceous hair follicles. The exact causes of the development of the pathological process are unknown. Presumably, the disease is transmitted genetically, and a lack of vitamin A also plays a role.

Causes and treatment of hair lichen on the head. Most often, hair lichen affects children's skin. With age, the symptoms of sildenafil online become less noticeable, and by old age they can disappear altogether.

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